Thanksgiving Recipe Countdown

Thanksgiving Recipe Countdown

We’re seven days out from Thanksgiving! As the countdown to this beloved food-centered holiday continues, I wanted to provide you some food for thought. . . or some recipe ideas for your Thanksgiving feast anyway. These quick and easy recipes use fresh vegetables and healthy baking techniques. They also embody real food nutrition concepts and are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help soften the effects of your Thanksgiving feast!

Here are some of the healthy Whole Food Recipes on my blog that may be a great fit for your Thanksgiving feast:

Also, as part of the 7 day Thanksgiving count down, I will be posting a new recipe each day until Thanksgiving so keep checking my blog for new recipes (mostly desserts)!

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  1. hse says:

    Brussels sprouts are -without a doubt – the testes of the vegetable world. There are few people who go out of their way to eat them.

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