Attention busy entrepreneurs and professional women:

What if you had double the energy, confidence in the kitchen, and a real-food lifestyle plan you can stick with?

Now you can. . .

Hi There,

As a motivated woman, you have a lot to be proud of. Awesome friends, a happy family, a thriving business, a successful career. It’s likely however, that in midst of all your “doing”, your health got put on the back-burner.

If you’re like the majority of my clients, friends, and colleagues, you’re strapped for time and low on energy. With so many competing obligations, your nutrition has probably slipped.

You may have noticed. . .

  • Starting the New Year out gung-ho and slipping back into old habits as things get busy
  • Waking up at 2am with your mind racing with things to add to your never ending to-do list
  • Reaching for sugar and caffeine to get you through the day
  • Conflicting nutrition info in every online article, tweet, and post
  • Wanting to cook healthy dinners but you’re too exhausted

Running around taking care of everyone else is taking its toll on your body, your energy, and your goals. You just can’t seem to fit it all in. . . so you don’t. Something has to give. As a motivated, caring, outgoing woman, 9 times out of 10, that something is you. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to end up fried, frustrated, and frumpy!

However, there is another way. . .

If you’re ready to:

  • Ditch the 3pm caffeine buzz and double your energy naturally
  • Make real food upgrades without blowing your budget
  • Turn the “I don’t know what’s for dinner” nights into a healthy meal on the table in 20 minutes or less
  • Eliminate weekday overwhelm by confidently planning meals so you’ve got what you need and know what you’re having
  • Shop for, cook, and eat delicious real food meals each day without being a gourmet cook
  • Craft healthy meals and snacks when you’re on the go, whether you’re running from appointment to appointment, on a business trip, or on vacation (even if all you have access to is a gas station)
  • Leave diets behind and embrace a real food lifestyle plan that just plain works


Then this program is for you. I invite you to join us in this life-transforming program:

Get REAL: 8 Weeks to outrageous energy, confidence in the kitchen, and a real food lifestyle plan you can stick with

This is what we’ll cover in the Get REAL program week-by-week:

Quick Start: Uncover the obstacles keeping you stuck and use the Values-Vision-Goals-Action© Exercise to get real with you and become crystal clear on what you want to achieve

Week 1: Change your eating habits and change your life—learn how to reassess your habits and take immediate action by making simple tweaks

Week 2: Learn what real food is and what it is not—you will take a close look at your diet to determine specific areas for improvement

Week 3: Upgrade what you’re eating to make the switch to a real-food diet

Week 4: Set up your real-food kitchen with real food and kitchen tools to make meal prep simpler

Week 5: Get real-food meals on the table—meal planning and grocery shopping

Week 6: Get real-food meals on the table—keeping food fresh, meal preparation, and cooking

Week 7: Real-food when you’re not at home—healthy eating on the go

Week 8: Simplify and streamline healthy eating—live your real-food lifestyle plan with more energy, less stress, and healthy meals in minutes

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get:

  • The Get Real Quick Start Guide to uncover the obstacles keeping you from a eating real food diet, and get you moving forward immediately
  • Real Food, Real Simple: A Personalized Plan for More Energy, Less Stress, and Healthy Meals in Minutes book in PDF format to accompany the lessons each week
  • Weekly audio recordings for 8 weeks—each 30 to 45 minute content-filled audio cuts to the heart of the week’s topic quickly and explains 2 to 3 simple action steps to complete each week to help you implement what you learned immediately
  • Weekly Action Guide for 8 weeks—each action guide contains resources, activities, and checklists to help you create your Real-Food Lifestyle Plan step-by-step so you can complete the action steps quickly and get on with your life
  • Have questions? Have a success or resource to share with the group? Post them on the Real Food Group Forum and get feedback quickly


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Erin.  She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very resourceful and creative in suggesting things for me! I had developed skin issues and could not figure out why I had been itchy for almost 3 years! The dermatologist and allergist only provided me with drugs that made the condition barely tolerable. Erin assisted me in identifying food sensitivities that were the underlying cause of the skin problem. Not only has Erin helped me learn to eat wheat-free and dairy-free, but she has taught me lifelong lessons on how to eat healthier and take better care of myself. AND an added benefit is I lost 20 pounds without even trying!  -Peggy, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Avon, NY


OK Erin! I’ll quit bugging you after this, but I have to tell you that I’ve made the Summer Picnic Quinoa Salad and I LOVE IT!!!  In fact I love it so much, I can’t stop eating it!!  I can’t believe I’m as old as I am and haven’t heard of quinoa before.  I had some for breakfast this morning with slivered almonds and raisins.  It was delicious. So… thank you so much for turning me on to this delightful little grain! – Kim, Young Living Farm Manager’s Wife, Mona, Utah


REAL Juicy Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 1-on-1 Coaching with Erin ($97 value) *For the first 10 people to sign-up ONLY*

You get a 30 minute Get REAL Nutrition Breakthrough Session with Erin Harner, MS, CHC to use at any time during the 8 week program! Yup, I’m going to personally get on the phone with you to discover what’s keeping you stuck, answer your burning questions, and give you rock solid nutrition advice and perspective to  get you quickly moving in the right direction.

  • Bonus #2: 4 LIVE Q & A Calls ($197 value) *For all Get REAL program participants*

Every other week throughout the program, I’ll jump on the phone with you LIVE for 30 minutes to answer your questions and provide laser coaching to help you brainstorm solutions and get you un-stuck.

  • Bonus #3: Real Food Recipe and Resources Binder ($27 value) *For all Get REAL program participants*

At the beginning of the program, you will receive a binder in the mail full of real food recipes and resources to help you make the transition to a real-food diet much easier. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I want to hear your success stories and do everything I can to support your transition to outrageous energy and making healthy meals in minutes.


When I add up the incredible value of the Get REAL program and bonuses. . . I could easily charge over $500. But, that’s not my style. I’m on a mission to help busy women like you to discover outrageous energy, confidence in the kitchen, and a real food lifestyle plan you can stick with.

This is your personal invitation to join us! Don’t wait. . . Get REAL: 8 Weeks to outrageous energy, confidence in the kitchen, and a real food lifestyle plan you can stick with starts on January 28th, 2013. This is going to sell out FAST. . . do not wait!

The investment in the Get Real in 8 Weeks Program (including the juicy bonuses) is $197.


As soon as you complete payment, you’ll get three things immediately:

1. A short questionnaire about the program- I want to be sure that all group members are a great fit for the group and the group is the right option for you!

2. The Get Real Quick Start Guide to get you started right away and prep you to jump in when we get rolling on January 28th!

3. If you’re one of the first 10 to sign-up, you’ll get a link to my online schedule to book your BONUS Get Real Nutrition Breakthrough Session with me

Want to hear what a few previous Get Real in 8 Weeks participants had to say about the program?

“Before the Get Real in 8 Weeks program I was eating the same old things every week but Erin inspired me to try some new things. What is the worst that can happen? You may not like pineapple for fresh cherries! Erin basically helped me do a spring cleaning on my thought process (and my refrigerator)! Now I know what I need to eat to give my body the fuel it needs to succeed.” – Liz, New York

“I like your insistence on eating real food, as opposed to a diet or complicated ratio of carbs, proteins, etc.. and how you do not even talk about calories or grams of fat. I found your approach overall to be very supportive and motivating, and your suggestions made sense because you really listened to me.” Dawn, Wisconsin

“Before the program I was flying by the seat of my pants and not making good choices for meals.  I began eating out more and more (approx. 3-4 times a week) and allowing myself sweets daily. I have been able to regain control and feel more confident and less guilty. It helps me make better choices.  My body feels better – no itching, more energy, less stress, less pain, and less inflammation!” – Peggy, New York

As a college athlete, it was so hard for me to stick to a nutrition plan because of my schedule– training 2 to 4 hours a day, classes, homework, studying, meets, and student-teaching on top of that. Before Erin’s group program, I was eating at sporadic times and didn’t really know what to eat for meals and snacks. Now, I understand what to eat, when to eat it, and why. I have so much more energy, feel stronger, and am more confident that I’m making healthy choices. – Maria, 3-time NCAA All-American Diver, now a Physical Education Teacher, Horseheads, NY

See you in the program! I can’t wait to work with you. =)

Make today great,



Erin Harner, MS, CHC

Holistic Nutrition Coach

P.S.- There is never a “right” time to get healthy. NOW, is the time to get healthy and start eating whole, real food. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how! The Get Real in 8 Weeks program starts on January 28th, 2013. . . so don’t wait, join us!


Erin Harner90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My clients and customers rave about the value I provide to them. I do my best to make eating real food easy to understand and simple to do. However, if after completing the Get Real in 8 Weeks program, you feel that it was not worth every penny you paid for it, let me know and I will give you a full refund. Your success and satisfaction is very important to me!