7 Simple Swaps for a Guilt-Free Summer Party

7 Simple Swaps for a Guilt-Free Summer Party

Summer is in full swing and so are the parties, potlucks, picnics and other summer festivities. As a Fort Collins nutritionist, I get asked how to navigate parties and come out ahead pretty frequently. If you’re truly interested in having more energy and feeling good in your body, try these simple swaps for a guilt-free, weight-gain-free party experience. Whether you’re the host or bringing something to the party, try these simple upgrades to traditional summer party or barbeque food:

1. Instead of chips and creamy dip, serve a tray of cut fresh veggies with hummus.

2. Swap out fried potato chips with baked chips or sweet potato chips.

3. Instead of hot dogs or beef burgers, try turkey burgers, bison burgers, black bean burgers, or marinated chicken breast instead.

4. Swap bleached flour white rolls for whole grain rolls.

5. Instead of potato or pasta salad, serve sweet potato salad or quinoa salad instead.

6. Serve fruit skewers or fruit and yogurt parfaits instead of ice cream, brownies, or cookies.

7. Try mineral water or seltzer instead of soda or alcoholic beverages.

BONUS tip: If you’re going to serve alcohol, instead of wine or beer try serving sangria filled with fruit for a cooling and refreshing drink.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on staying healthy this summer. The main key is to upgrade the quality of the food and incorporate more organic fruits and vegetables, and less processed refined food. What is one simple swap that you make to upgrade traditional summer party food? Leave your comments below!