Hungry for Change Documentary

Hungry for Change Documentary

After three different clients and contacts sent me the link for the new documentary Hungry for Change, I got a chance to watch it last night and really enjoyed it. This film is made by the same crew as Food Matters, another excellent documentary that I’ve seen several times and loaned to many of my clients.

This film features leading nutrition, health, and medical experts, many of which taught at my nutrition school and I’ve met in person. The recurring theme is that you have control of your health and it would be to your greatest advantage to actually take control of your health. It doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong, it shows you simple steps to take to improve your diet, your energy, and your life today. I found myself nodding my head almost the whole movie.

In fact, I did an intensive with a client yesterday and we had a blast. It blew me away watching the video. . . we talked about most of what they brought up in the movie in our intensive together. It was awesome. Being healthy and having outrageous amounts of energy is awesome. Helping others like you achieve that as well lights me up. =)

The filmmakers are doing a PREVIEW SCREENING for only two more days. You can watch this documentary in full online for FREE until March 31st, 2012. I strongly encourage you to watch this before the FREE preview ends. Here’s the link for the documentary Hungry for Change:

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