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Erin works with intentional parents and families who want to upgrade their nutrition and lifestyle habits to meet their goals for their health and their life. Erin’s clients want to create long lasting change in the way they eat and how they feel.

Clients come to me wanting relief from their health issues and to feel better in their bodies. They want less stress and guilt about what they’re cooking and feeding their families and more confidence in the kitchen. They want to know that what they are doing each day is leading to healing, nourishment, and long-term health for themselves and their families.

Most people focus on one-size fits all diet plans, quick fixes to manage symptoms, and specific outcomes like weight loss or blood glucose targets. There’s a better way. Once you figure out the underlying causes of your health issues, start cooking real food meals that meet your needs, and build supportive daily nutrition and lifestyle habits, you start feeling good in your body again. You experience more energy, more joy, and more time for your family and creative projects and hobbies.

You may think that focusing on your health will require a lot of time, effort, energy, deprivation, or pushback from your family and friends. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to. Not knowing what to do- what to eat, how to chop vegetables, what supplements to take, or how to cook nourishing foods- takes a toll on your energy, motivation, time, and family. There is rarely a good time to reprioritize your health. The time is now.

My clients know that I will provide the support, guidance, and expert advice they need to cut through the never-ending barrage of nutrition information and help them figure out what they need to DO to achieve their health goals. Using the tools and frameworks of functional medicine, culinary nutrition, and health coaching, I work with you to build a foundation of nutrition and lifestyle habits you can stick with no matter what life brings your way. This allows you to get out of overwhelm and into action so you feel nourished, supported, energetic, and confident.

Despite their busy schedules including work, family, and social obligations, my clients are ready to prioritize their health, commit to a custom-tailored nutrition action plan, and take action now.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

- James Clear, Atomic Habits


Integrative Nutrition Coaching with Erin


“Working with Erin was a huge game-changer for me. Thanks to her guidelines and suggestions, I’m finally able to choose foods that fuel and satisfy me, without feeling like I’m restricting myself. After four months, I have so much more energy, mental focus, and an almost complete elimination of IBS issues. I’ve also lost over 30 lbs and am headed towards a healthy weight. Thank you Erin!!”

-Emily, Ithaca, NY


“I recently received my annual routine lab results which included cholesterol and glucose etc. I met with you several times over the past years and listened closely to your advice. I am a living example that your nutritional advice and application works. My cholesterol was a bit high and my glucose was in the pre-diabetic range but I needed to gain weight. I am not on any prescription medications. I only took your good advice and applied it to my everyday life. Now all of my lab results are in a normal range. I feel so healthy with a lot of energy. Thank you so much. I am advising many friends and relatives to seek out a good registered dietitian, specifically you when possible.”

-Joan, Ithaca, NY


“I have worked off and on with Erin for several years and the depth of her knowledge never ceases to amaze me. She listens, she analyzes, and she offers clear approaches to tackling  complex problems that would leave many others wondering where to begin.”

-Margherita, Ithaca NY

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