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poached egg with vegetables and tomatoes on blue plate

Meal planning and adding in

As I go about my work with clients, two things keep coming up: It's all about habits. What are you DOING each day that's moving you towards your goal(s)? Habits often are not fun or sexy, they...
woman cutting herbs for dinner to reach health goals

5 essential questions to propel you towards your health goals this year

If you're a resolution or goal setter, I'm sure you're thinking about what you want to accomplish, do, or experience in 2023. Year after year, I see people setting big health goals and failing by mid-January....
Chocolate Truffles_Raspberries (1)

60+ Real Food Holiday Recipes

Revised and updated. Originally posted November 14, 2016.  As you're planning your holiday meals, start with some real food recipes this year to add to your family's holiday spread. It's easy to get off track with...
soup in bowl

Create warmth in winter

When it's cold outside, our bodies feel and function differently than when it's warm. We are naturally drawn to different foods when it's cold than when it's hot. Our bodies are smart, our bodies know that...
Vegeatable Bean Soup

One question to ask when healthy habits feel hard

Sometimes I am the queen of over-complication. Sometimes I analyze and over-analyze and think about things like healthy habits way too much. The problem with this is that nothing actually happens. Action leads to progress. Thinking...
Walking in the forest

3 Simple Strategies to Stay Healthy Throughout the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. The holiday season is filled with celebrations, parties, feasts, gift-giving, gift-receiving, and maybe some travel, in-laws, visitors, and more. I love the holiday season and look forward to...
white and green ceramic bowl with food

Stabilize your blood sugar

When you eat carbohydrates (basically foods made up of sugars and starches) the sugars from the meal get absorbed through your GI tract and enter your bloodstream. Your blood sugar rises and your pancreas releases the...
Essential cooking tools

10 Essential Kitchen Items I Use Everyday

I have a friend who sends me a text or email every year in November and asks what's on my holiday wish list. Why? She knows that I love quality (over quantity), that I thoroughly research...
pumpkins on the stairs

The Great Pumpkin

Revised and updated. Originally posted October 30, 2012. The great pumpkin makes a great carved jack-o-lantern and is pretty to look at, but did you know that pumpkins are actually fresh vegetables loaded with real food...
Fermented Ginger Carrots

Fermented Ginger Carrots

This recipe is simple, quick, super tasty, and so good for your gut. It's full of probiotics, fiber, vitamins (vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K), minerals (calcium, potassium), and phytonutrients (lutein, zeaxanthin) from the carrots...
Ingredients for oatmeal banana pumpkin muffins

Banana Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin spice lovers- this is the whole grain, flour free wholesome muffin for you. It's perfect for fall or anytime of the year and can be made with store-bought pumpkin in a can (which is actually...
woman slicing purple vegetable

Action builds momentum

What is one thing that if you did it everyday, would make a hugely positive impact on your health or your life?  Are you doing it everyday? Yes? No? If your answer is "no", we could explore...

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