Spring Clean(s)ing!

People like “stuff”. We tend to hold onto it year after year.  There is a saying that goes, “You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new.” If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, try spring cleaning. This is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Throw out some of that clutter that is collecting, close the chapters of your past, and welcome the new energy of your happy and healthy future.

This “stuff” accumulates in the form of old clothes, magazines, rusty bicycles, tools and randomSpring Cleaning keepsakes.  Our bodies accumulate old food residues and toxins that need to be cleaned out in much the same way.  We eat too much sugar, low-quality meat, and refined food.  We are exposed to massive amounts of stress and more pollution than ever before. Cleansing can improve your focus, sharpen your concentration, reduce toxic accumulation, improve immune function, help you release excess weight, and drastically improve digestion and elimination. 

Cleansing the body means many different things to different people.  The main principle revolves around diet and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxic “stuff” while improving digestion and elimination.  As less stuff comes in and more goes out, you will begin to feel lighter and much more full of energy and life.

To spring clean your body, give it a break from rich and complicated foods by either cleansing or fasting for a short period of time. Cleansing means paring down your food to just simple fruits and vegetables, lots of water and perhaps whole grains. Fasting means limiting most foods and drinking lots of water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, teas and soups. Without much energy going toward digestion, more energy is available to the rest of your body and mind.

If you’re ready to get started with a cleanse or detox, I highly recommend that you start eating cleansing foods first like leafy greens (kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach, etc.), asparagus, celery, ginger, grapefruit, and lemon juice. These foods have chemical compounds that function to help your body detoxify.

Next, choose a cleanse that is right for you. I highly recommend two cleanses that I have done and LOVE:

1. Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse (I have done this short cleanse 5+ times and have taken many clients through it– it is short, gentle, and extremely effective especially if you’re new to cleansing)

2. 21-Day Ultimate Reset   (This is the comprehensive whole food detox that I will be starting next week–I’d love to have you join me!)

If you have questions or comments about cleansing, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or reply to this post!

Erin Harner

Erin Harner is an Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), author, and speaker based in Ithaca, NY. Erin melds functional medicine and culinary nutrition to help her clients uncover their unique diet and confidently cook healthy nourishing meals that meet the needs of their whole family. Learn about Erin's services and connect on Instagram.

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