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Triathletes on bikes

Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Find Some Motivation!

If you're stuck in an exercise rut, its time to find some motivation. So often we make everlasting pledges to ourselves on January 1st that we're going to work out everyday or walk 10,000 steps, or...
Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Palm Sugar

I entered my oh so delicious Raw Apple Nut Raisin Cookies in the Purely Elizabeth Coconut Palm Sugar baking contest and my recipe is in the top five. Check out my recipe and the four other...
Fruits and Vegetables

How to Get Off Your Weight Loss Plateau

Its springtime and we're getting ready for shorts, sun, and swimsuit season. If your goal is to lose weight and its just not happening, I've got some tips and strategies for you. A weight loss plateau...
Hungry For Change

Hungry for Change Documentary

After three different clients and contacts sent me the link for the new documentary Hungry for Change, I got a chance to watch it last night and really
Raw Apple Nut Raisin Cookies

Raw Apple Nut Raisin Cookies

These healthy cookies are a delicious raw, gluten free, and dairy free treat. They are like a mini granola bar and make a great energy-boosting snack on the trail. A dehydrator is really helpful to make...
Erin Harner Backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains

What Food to Take Hiking

Spring has sprung and hikers are hitting the trails in groves. As a Fort Collins nutritionist, a number of people have asked me recently about "what food to take hiking." To clear up all the confusion,...
Vitamins and Minerals

What Vitamins Should I Take? Food Based vs. Synthetic

You probably know that taking a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement is a good idea. Its basically your insurance against nutritional deficiencies. With so many on the market, "what vitamins should I take?" is a question I hear a...
Closet clean out and clothing swap

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

You probably don't find spring cleaning to be a whole lot of fun, right? What if there was a fun reason to tackle your closet this year for some much needed spring cleaning? Okay, sign me...
Daffodils in Fort Collins in early Spring

Happy Spring- Its Cleansing Time

Today is March 20th and the official first day of Spring. Its also known as the vernal equinox. In theory, there should be the same amount of day and night today. The days are getting
Shakeology bag

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse

Cleansing is really important this time of year! As the weather warms, your diet will start shifting from heavy winter foods to lighter summer foods. Getting rid of the excess fat, protein, and toxins stored in...
Pizza with fresh vegetables

Is Pizza Bad for You?

Hmmm. . . "is pizza bad for you?" is a good question. This one's tough to answer since I don't subscribe to the notion that there are any "good" or "bad" foods. Food is just food....
Mediterranean Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

Mediterranean Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

This delicious gluten free pizza is a whole food recipe that uses fresh vegetables and goat cheese to make it delicious and pretty nutritious. Prep time: 5 to 10 minutes

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